Working at Fishermen’s Village

We Floridians know that Fishermen’s Village is the perfect place to spend the day. If there is one place you need to visit in Punta Gorda it is Fishermen’s Village. Although, few know that it is also a fantastic place to work.

I have been working under the occupation, as the Social Media Intern for Fishermen’s Village, for a little over one month now. I have spent a lot of time here over the years, growing up in the historic city of Punta Gorda. My dad has performed on the Center Stage, and I came here monthly with my parents growing up, to watch the other entertainers. Palm on the Pier and Laff Out Loud are two of my favorite “retail Therapy” stores! I’ve also made use of the wonderful tennis facilities they have right on the water. The opportunity to work in one of my favorite places in town is an absolute honor and a wonderful experience.

I can guarantee that have the most amazing working environment in all of south west Florida. Who doesn’t enjoy food, fun, and sun! Fishermen’s Village has an award winning marina, restaurants right on the water, and the entertainment is great. After work, I also have the ability to do some quick shopping. These are just a few perks of the job. I can’t imagine working anywhere better!

Walking into Fishermen’s Village, I am always greeted by smiling faces. All the employees and shop owners are extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. I have also had the pleasure of holding conversations with the people enjoying the experience of Fishermen’s Village and have heard only good things.

Fishermen’s Village is open daily and has so much to offer. For more information on job openings or the resort, mall, and marina visit us at http://www.fishvill.come, “like” us on Facebook, or call 1-800-639-0020. Contact me, Andrea Lansdale, at

About fishvillepg

Fishermen's Village is a waterfront mall, resort, and marina located on Charlotte Harbor in Punta Gorda featuring shops, boutiques, restaurants, out island cruises, boat/kayak military museum, live entertainment and special events. Open Daily
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