New Member to the Village

My name is Nadia Kemal, a rising senior at Charlotte High School in the beautiful Punta Gorda, Florida.  Although some teenagers may complain that “the Punta Gorda is too small” or “there’s nothing to do”, I still love it because it’s home. My family and I are of Ethiopian descent, in Eastern Africa and I see it as my home away from home. My friends think I’m nuts for being involved in numerous activities in Punta Gorda, mainly Charlotte High. Just to name a few, I’m a member in the National Honors Society, play Varsity Soccer and a competitor in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. I have passion for all of the things I’m involved in but my top two has to be writing and research (total opposites I know!). I think it is extremely vital to make goals for yourself and focus on what is important in life. Going into my senior year of high school and considering college applications is scary but I’m ready for it! I’m hoping to attend the University of Florida Honors College or Brown University and major in Environmental Law/Environmental Engineering. The staff and faculty at my school has made so many opportunities available to their students which has helped me achieve all of my goals. This past year, I was fortunate enough to be chosen to participate in a selective program for Charlotte County’s High School Juniors called Junior Leadership Charlotte. The program is geared towards young, motivated students, who want to learn more about Charlotte County and the several careers available to us. The program gave me insight on so many types of jobs and eventually, my social media internship at Fishermen’s Village. The Village is now in its 2nd year for providing this job opporunity to high school students, where I get to learn new methods of social advertisement, as well as build my writing skills along the way. The staff at Fishermen’s Village is more than I expected. Every single member of the Village family has a warm and welcoming personality that strongly reflects what the Village stands for. There is a “family” atmosphere that is not visible in too many businesses. I was jumping for joy when I was told that I go the internship and I’m looking forward to learning, living and loving Fishermen’s Village within the next year, even more than I do now.

About fishvillepg

Fishermen's Village is a waterfront mall, resort, and marina located on Charlotte Harbor in Punta Gorda featuring shops, boutiques, restaurants, out island cruises, boat/kayak military museum, live entertainment and special events. Open Daily
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