Fish Ville’s social networking goal

Punta Gorda is my home. I moved to Punta Gorda at age six. Relocating from metropolitan Miami to a quaint town was a culture shock. Clueless about Punta Gorda, my mother and I inquired about the attractions of the town. Low and behold we received an overwhelming amount of recommendations to stop by Fishermen’s Village. Built in 1980 on the old fishing docks of Punta Gorda, Fish Ville remains the heartbeat of Punta Gorda. Offering close to 40 boutiques, shops, and restaurants, Fish Ville has become a tourist hot spot. To accommodate the over 300,000 tourists that flock to Punta Gorda for the winter, Fish Ville offers daily/weekly vacation villas, a full service marina (awarded 2008 Marina of the Year), along with a salon and day spa. This waterfront mall does not cater solely to tourists, it provides Charlotte County residents with a unique shopping experience and an easily accessible Marina. Fish Ville’s goal is to reach out to the community and attract local residents as well as tourists. Fish Ville will be making connections with the locals of Punta Gorda through social networking. Yes, that’s right, Fishermen’s Village, a primary tourist attraction who’s largest revenue comes from the Baby Boomer generation is accessing a completely new age group. Our goal is to gain a significant presence on Facebook and Twitter, notifying followers of upcoming events. I am now a rising Senior at Charlotte High School and recently graduated from Junior Leadership Charlotte (JLC). Through JLC, I learned about this internship opportunity at Fishermen’s Village. What is my job? Well it is pretty amazing, I monitor the social networking of Fishermen’s Village, that’s right I get to go on facebook for my job 🙂

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! This past weekend, the Wildlife/Animal Expo took place at Fishermen’s Village. Table after table lined the hall of Fish Ville stretching down to Harpoon Harry’s. Animals and humans alike swarmed the paths of FishVille socializing and learning about tips and resources for both wild and domestic animals.While lingering down the half mile stretch an occational breeze would catch rise, carrying a whiff of dog biscuits, circling the dogs’ nose until the pup was satiated. Each booth provided new information and resources for the welfare of the domestic animal, whether it be dog, cat, or bird. Families, mine included, received free samples of dog/cat food and joint medicine, locals heard touching testimonies from animal rescuers and applauded their benevolence; there was even a drawing for Stone Crab tickets!  It was a family event that shouldn’t have been missed. While learning about the dog’s possible thyroid problem, the kids could go and visit a panther while their golden retriever enjoyed a dog treat in the shade. Prior to last weekend, the Wildlife Expo was advertised on both Facebook and Twitter, resulting in a wonderful turnout! Promoting the event online proved successful, we are one step further to reaching our goal. 🙂 Once a week I, Caroline Josey, will be posting a blog about events and new merchandise at Fishermen’s Village, the more readers the merrier, hope to see you next week!

About fishvillepg

Fishermen's Village is a waterfront mall, resort, and marina located on Charlotte Harbor in Punta Gorda featuring shops, boutiques, restaurants, out island cruises, boat/kayak military museum, live entertainment and special events. Open Daily
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